Hot Flashes

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Musical. 2 Acts 2f/1m. Pianist. Simple set.

Harry and Janet are a couple in their forties trying to rediscover the romance in their marriage. Their weekend at the resort where they first fell in love is sabotaged when their teenaged daughter shows up with a whole set of problems of her own that need immediate attention.

Hot Flashes was first produced as Me And My Gals
White Point Theatre, White Point Beach Resort Nova Scotia on July 18th, 1997

Directed by Paul Ledoux and Linda Elliot 
Musical Direction by Josh Hanlon
Set design by Paul Ledoux
Lighting consultant Bob Elliot


Sharron Timmins as Janet
Tony Quinn as Harry
Eva Rebecca Muir as Ally

The play was rewritten and premiered under itís current title in a Lighthouse Theatre, Blyth Festival and Bluewater Festival co-production in the summer of 1998

Directed by David Ferry
Musical Direction by Alan Moon
Set and Lighting design by Glenn Davidson


Susan Henley as Janet
David Gale as Harry
Inga Cadranel as Ally

Note: This draft of Hot Flashes features an additional character HELGA GLAAP  This character is played by the musical director or a band member. A version of their scene written for a male character is also available.