David Stuart - The Accused (Christopher Hunt) 

Judge Richmond (Alec Willows) Presiding

Opening Number: Are You A Betty Or A Wilma Man
Erin McGrath (Rose) and John Murphy

She's Like A Swallow: Stuart Hears Rose For The First Time

Send Me Saltwater

At The Town Pump: Goliath

Adam's Rib : Rose at Massey Hall

Stuart (Christopher Hunt) tries to explain his love.

The hurricane hits. (Waiting For The Tide To Turn) 

Rose's father's funeral

Gino (John Murphy) talks about love.

Rose comforts Stuart after assault.

Best Outcome.  A  kitchen party. Happy Homemaker

Dr. Kim Downey (Sarah Donald) defends Stuart.

Rose goes Bionic. 

Stuart pledges his love.

The finale: Never Doubt I Love

Curtain Call: The cast (l-r) Alec Willows, John Wright, Sarah Donald,
Chris Hunt, Erin McGrath, John Murphy, Tim Williams




































































































Adam Clay (John Wright) , Rose's Manager/Husband takes a solo.