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Calgary Sun Review
"Still Desire You Worth Obsessing About" ...
"Part courtroom drama and part concert, Still Desire You at Albert Theatre Projects is a bold, innovative theatrical experience." ... "McGrath has a powerful voice and charismatic stage presence that makes her renditions of Maritime classics and original songs by Melanie Doane as electric for the audience as David says they are for him.  Itís during these musical interludes that Still Desire You showcases its wonderful theatricality."... "great top-tapping entertainment".

The Reflector
"The timing couldnít be better for a piece of theater that examines this issue.... Still Desire You  may be light hearted, but it handles it's subject matter with a lot of grace, while being careful not to point fingers or condemn anyone too quickly.  The genius of the play is how carefully the playwrights cultivate sympathy for David
"Paul Ledoux proves a Canadian musical can succeed without Broadway."

FFWeekly - Stalking The Stars
"Our culture is one that is, undeniably, celebrity obsessed.

The Globe And Mail
A fresh take on celebrity obsession